Get that “Nordic tan” without the biscuit smell and at the same time do something great

for yourself, the environment and for the animals.

nordictan is a self-tanner series made in a professional quality for home use. It provides you with the ultimate natural summer glow year-round. It is easy to apply, it dries quickly and it moisturises for up to 48 hours. It contains natural sugars (DHA) and is 100% vegan.

The series is developed and produced by nordictan A/S, which is behind successful private label brands and other successful products in the self-tanner category.

nordictan gives a perfect summer glow year-round and to get the best results, you should exfoliate at least one day before applying it and moisturise your skin. When the product is applied, dry areas such as hands, feet, knees and elbows should be moisturised with lotion. This will ensure that nordictan gives an even and healthy golden glow and lead to the optimal result.


The idea came from the time when most people used tanning beds to get a tan and became aware of the risk of skin cancer and premature wrinkles.

The next step was to create something unique that no other self-tanning brands could match and which did not cause yellowish undesirable outcomes!